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An Open Letter to Medical Companies and Organizations Seeking Content

There are many skilled freelance writers vying for writing morsels dangling at the end of organizational fishing rods. However, nurse writers present a different kettle of fish to the successful pescador.

The idiom, a different kettle of fish, originated in the United Kingdom. Its meaning has morphed from fish in a pot to looking at a matter from a different angle or perspective. We nurse writers are just that. We offer a higher benchmark when writing medical articles for businesses and organizations.

When you hire a nurse content writer to script the medical article you need, you don’t just get the writing abilities, talents, and expertise of a professional writer. You also acquire years of medical training, experience, critical thinking and intuitive skills - neatly and expertly wrapped with a wry sense of humor.

Years of Medical Training

Where else can you get a writer with at least four to six years of medical training to provide the depth and background to your required medical articles and brands? The medical education acquired by nurses encompasses the study of the human body, pharmaceuticals and deciphering of laboratory results, along with expert and precise usage of sophisticated medical equipment. In addition, nurses communicate extensively with a multidisciplinary medical team, which furthers their knowledge base.


No amount of research or imagination can replace experience. Nursing expertise and proficiency is as varied as the nurses themselves. A nurse may spend years honing their experience in one area of nursing while others choose to expand their skillset over multiple sectors. Nurses may work within the hospital setting in operating rooms, a labor and delivery suite, an intensive care unit or emergency department, an orthopedic ward or an oncology department. Many others choose to work in the community, in government and dentist offices, or in manufacturing. Nurses network with each other. When you hire a nurse to write for you, you don’t just receive the mind and experience of one nurse; you acquire many nurses in one.


Critical Thinking and Intuition

When you ask a nurse to write a medical article for your business or organization, they use their considerable critical thinking and intuitive skills to provide you with a quality finished product. If it is copywriting that your organization needs, the nurse will remain within the guidelines and provided headings and utilize the required keywords and SEOs to deliver the script you requested. Nurses are trained to follow orders competently and thoroughly. However, if you want a piece that is uniquely tailored to connect with your clients or to further your brand, allow the nurse some latitude. They will craft you a document, complete with SEOs, that will elevate your brand or organization.

A Wry Sense of Humour

Our writing world is being challenged by ChatGPT. However this new and novel way to produce content cannot compete with the wry sense of humor that allows the nurse writer to connect with you and your clients. Never has a computer or robot accidentally dumped a bag of liquid stool on their white sneakers, then sat down fifteen minutes later in the lunchroom to eat chocolate pudding. And joked about it.

Your medical organizations have writing quotas to maintain your Google ranking. Freelance nurse content writers use their education, experience, intuition, critical thinking, and humor to write the articles you need to support your clients and improve your branding. Why not hire one today?


Literary Devices. 2023. A different kettle of fish.

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