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About Me

I'm Alice Blackmore, MN, RN and I am a nurse content writer. With an MN in leadership and education, fourteen years in critical care, and recent management experience in long-term care, I can offer you ​

  • Quality and accurate health content for your readers

  • Excellent research skills and writing experience

  • Easy-to-read format

  • Understanding of your target audience

  • Nursing experience and critical thinking skills

  • Attention to detail


What Insightful Nursing Can Offer You

A Bit About Me

As founder and CEO of Insightful Nursing, I have 25+ years of nursing experience that spans labor & delivery, paediatrics, community nursing, critical care, and most recently as the Director of Care and Educator in long-term care.

I am thoughtful and passionate about nursing matters and like to delve deeper into health issues that concern people. When I was part of a policy review committee, I came to appreciate the foundation of nursing and the parameters that maintain its excellence.

Although no longer at the bedside, I am still able to use my extensive nursing experience, combined with writing, to positively impact the individual and our communities.

Currently, I live in BC, Canada. In the summer, when I'm not writing, I might be paddling in my kayak with a book and a cup of tea. In the winter, you can find me running, hiking, listening to the coyotes, or spending time with my grandkids.


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