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Alice Blackmore, MN, RN

Nurse Content Writer


Insightful Nursing

Meet Alice Blackmore

Registered Nurse and CEO of Insightful Nursing

  • Diverse clinical experience, from labor & delivery to ICU to long term care

  • Perceptive grasp of health issues gleaned from the bedside to the boardroom

  • Passionate advocate for excellent healthcare

  • Creative and effective nursing educator for all settings

  • Published author in selected nursing issues

  • Gentle listener to the needs of others

  • Avid kayaker and pickleball enthusiast

Writing Samples

Links to my most recently published articles

ShiftMed: How to Recognize and Manage Heat-Related Illnesses in Patients

Learn the five different types of heat-related illnesses you might find in your patient: heat rash, sunburn, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. Do you know the symptoms to differentiate between each one?

Health eCareers: Addressing Burnout in Emergency Nursing: Self-Care Strategies for Stress Management

Emergency nursing is a stressful job with high potential for burnout. Recognizing the warning symptoms and acknowledging burnout is the first step towards recovery. Coping strategies such as debriefing sessions, self-care, cross-training, and taking a vacation can help these nurses halt burnout and find balance in their lives.           

MCN Healthcare: How to Utilize Policy Managment Software to Improve Quality of Care

MCN's Policy Managment Software is designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. When a customer buys this software, they receive customizable quality policies with automatic updates. This improves accessibilty, patient safety, and time management. 

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